Maps and Dashboards

allows you to explore the house market development in a much greater detail.

To change a map/dashboard select an item from the top left menu - houses ▾ or population ▾. These two menus include 8 map reports and 12 dashboards with more than 30 reports available.

Inner London average property price heat map

You can:

  • See average price in selected area
    houses ▾ » average price.
  • See year over year average price change
    houses ▾ » avg. price % change.
  • See price development over the time in selected area
    houses ▾ » history.
  • Find areas with most sold new properties
    houses ▾ » transaction volumes.
  • See crime rate in selected area,
    population ▾ » crime.
  • See residential and business areas,
    population ▾ » residential areas.
  • See population density,
    population ▾ » density.