Data Filters

By using filters, you can slice data to get a more detailed view.

Inner London average property price heat map

If you select too many filters, it can restrict the data too much. It can either filtered out all the data or filtered data is too small to provide any meaningful overview of the situation. Filters must be used with care.

List of filters

area/postcode Postcode filter. When a specific postcode is selected only its districts/sectors are shown. Regions like Inner London, North East, North West, … are only approximated to postcode areas.

1 yr. time filter. You can also select a specific year or whole history (‘all yrs’ option).

age new - a newly built property, old - an established residential building.

type property type - flat or maisonette, detached, semi-detached, terraced.

hold free - freehold, lease - leasehold.

all crimes crime categories.

all all/top/bottom filter allows viewing top/bottom areas only.