London property prices

The average property price in London region is £711k, the median price is £515k. The average price declined by £-8.6k (-1%) over the last twelve months. The price of an established property is £707k. The price of a newly built property is £1.1M. Most properties were sold in the £500k-£750k price range with 14713 (26.9%) properties sold, followed by £400k-£500k price range with 10144 (18.5%) properties sold. The most affordable place is 'RM1 1' with the average price of £202k. The most expensive place is 'W1J 8', £15.6M.

London house prices map

Postcode sectorAverage price % of London avg. price (£711k)
BR1 1£346k49%
BR1 2£750k106%
BR1 3£447k63%
BR1 4£490k69%
BR1 5£446k63%
BR2 0£539k76%
BR2 6£1.3M189%
BR2 7£724k102%
BR2 8£629k88%
BR2 9£501k70%
BR3 1£534k75%
BR3 3£764k107%
BR3 4£544k76%
BR3 5£471k66%
BR3 6£753k106%
BR4 0£636k90%
BR4 9£676k95%
BR5 1£735k103%
BR5 2£421k59%
BR5 3£359k50%
BR5 4£397k56%
BR6 0£572k81%
BR6 6£547k77%
BR6 7£645k91%
BR6 8£722k102%
BR6 9£612k86%
BR7 5£813k114%
BR7 6£631k89%
CR0 0£382k54%
CR0 1£361k51%
CR0 2£306k43%
CR0 3£367k52%
CR0 4£390k55%
CR0 5£504k71%
CR0 6£374k53%
CR0 7£462k65%
CR0 8£511k72%
CR0 9£332k47%
CR2 0£556k78%
CR2 6£370k52%
CR2 7£460k65%
CR2 8£521k73%
CR2 9£551k77%
CR4 1£409k58%
CR4 2£424k60%
CR4 3£378k53%
CR4 4£378k53%
CR5 1£586k82%
CR5 2£565k79%
CR7 6£424k60%
CR7 7£372k52%
CR7 8£366k52%
CR8 1£632k89%
CR8 2£477k67%
CR8 3£919k129%
CR8 4£574k81%
CR8 5£549k77%
DA1 4£332k47%
DA14 4£449k63%
DA14 5£391k55%
DA14 6£362k51%
DA15 7£473k67%
DA15 8£461k65%
DA15 9£479k67%
DA16 1£424k60%
DA16 2£475k67%
DA16 3£367k52%
DA17 5£359k50%
DA17 6£299k42%
DA18 4£287k40%
DA5 1£500k70%
DA5 2£569k80%
DA5 3£530k74%
DA6 7£406k57%
DA6 8£479k67%
DA7 4£460k65%
DA7 5£476k67%
DA7 6£421k59%
DA8 1£342k48%
DA8 2£299k42%
DA8 3£372k52%
E1 0£451k63%
E1 1£504k71%
E1 2£469k66%
E1 3£462k65%
E1 4£430k60%
E1 5£585k82%
E1 6£957k135%
E1 7£619k87%
E1 8£614k86%
E10 5£466k66%
E10 6£521k73%
E10 7£430k60%
E11 1£577k81%
E11 2£797k112%
E11 3£580k82%
E11 4£528k74%
E12 5£573k81%
E12 6£420k59%
E13 0£402k57%
E13 8£372k52%
E13 9£406k57%
E14 0£529k74%
E14 2£472k66%
E14 3£510k72%
E14 4£606k85%
E14 5£629k88%
E14 6£425k60%
E14 7£415k58%
E14 8£606k85%
E14 9£552k78%
E15 1£491k69%
E15 2£396k56%
E15 3£452k64%
E15 4£460k65%
E16 1£410k58%
E16 2£470k66%
E16 3£402k57%
E16 4£356k50%
E17 3£536k75%
E17 4£595k84%
E17 5£482k68%
E17 6£507k71%
E17 7£584k82%
E17 8£513k72%
E17 9£663k93%
E18 1£553k78%
E18 2£591k83%
E1W 1£1.1M153%
E1W 2£716k101%
E1W 3£665k94%
E2 0£457k64%
E2 6£608k85%
E2 7£677k95%
E2 8£558k79%
E2 9£787k111%
E20 1£592k83%
E3 2£474k67%
E3 3£367k52%
E3 4£470k66%
E3 5£664k93%
E4 6£496k70%
E4 7£620k87%
E4 8£433k61%
E4 9£550k77%
E5 0£781k110%
E5 8£643k90%
E5 9£562k79%
E6 1£377k53%
E6 2£386k54%
E6 3£436k61%
E6 5£381k54%
E6 6£361k51%
E7 0£610k86%
E7 8£453k64%
E7 9£498k70%
E8 1£732k103%
E8 2£603k85%
E8 3£737k104%
E8 4£788k111%
E9 5£513k72%
E9 6£605k85%
E9 7£874k123%
EC1A 4£752k106%
EC1A 7£1.0M147%
EC1A 9£575k81%
EC1M 5£955k134%
EC1M 6£866k122%
EC1M 7£550k77%
EC1N 2£1.5M210%
EC1N 7£483k68%
EC1N 8£833k117%
EC1R 0£1.0M144%
EC1R 1£722k102%
EC1R 3£630k89%
EC1R 4£1.2M170%
EC1R 5£657k92%
EC1V 0£1.0M146%
EC1V 1£812k114%
EC1V 2£877k123%
EC1V 3£965k136%
EC1V 4£760k107%
EC1V 7£735k103%
EC1V 8£918k129%
EC1V 9£769k108%
EC1Y 0£1.2M169%
EC1Y 2£735k103%
EC1Y 8£875k123%
EC2A 2£1.4M193%
EC2A 3£1.3M188%
EC2A 4£1.0M143%
EC2M 1£720k101%
EC2Y 5£1.4M196%
EC2Y 8£1.1M156%
EC2Y 9£767k108%
EC3N 1£1.0M143%
EC3N 2£488k69%
EC3R 6£770k108%
EC3R 8£450k63%
EC4A 1£758k107%
EC4A 3£539k76%
EC4M 7£591k83%
EC4R 1£465k65%
EC4V 3£657k92%
EC4V 5£455k64%
EC4Y 0£1.1M149%
EN1 1£407k57%
EN1 2£540k76%
EN1 3£513k72%
EN1 4£383k54%
EN2 0£560k79%
EN2 6£558k78%
EN2 7£608k85%
EN2 8£502k71%
EN2 9£866k122%
EN3 4£360k51%
EN3 5£381k54%
EN3 6£369k52%
EN3 7£366k51%
EN4 0£1.0M147%
EN4 8£518k73%
EN4 9£580k82%
EN5 1£623k88%
EN5 2£543k76%
EN5 3£1.0M144%
EN5 5£551k78%
HA0 1£414k58%
HA0 2£462k65%
HA0 3£543k76%
HA0 4£505k71%
HA1 1£460k65%
HA1 2£433k61%
HA1 3£586k82%
HA1 4£439k62%
HA2 0£469k66%
HA2 6£535k75%
HA2 7£603k85%
HA2 8£402k56%
HA2 9£512k72%
HA3 0£626k88%
HA3 5£394k55%
HA3 6£579k81%
HA3 7£505k71%
HA3 8£569k80%
HA3 9£523k74%
HA4 0£518k73%
HA4 6£486k68%
HA4 7£614k86%
HA4 8£578k81%
HA4 9£538k76%
HA5 1£748k105%
HA5 2£668k94%
HA5 3£885k124%
HA5 4£667k94%
HA5 5£625k88%
HA6 1£568k80%
HA6 2£1.1M153%
HA7 1£482k68%
HA7 2£575k81%
HA7 3£780k110%
HA7 4£687k97%
HA8 0£399k56%
HA8 5£507k71%
HA8 6£516k73%
HA8 7£738k104%
HA8 8£563k79%
HA8 9£556k78%
HA9 0£380k53%
HA9 6£451k63%
HA9 7£546k77%
HA9 8£440k62%
HA9 9£635k89%
IG1 1£438k62%
IG1 2£430k61%
IG1 3£518k73%
IG1 4£421k59%
IG11 0£339k48%
IG11 7£325k46%
IG11 8£251k35%
IG11 9£428k60%
IG2 6£477k67%
IG2 7£376k53%
IG3 8£487k69%
IG3 9£498k70%
IG4 5£525k74%
IG5 0£474k67%
IG6 1£471k66%
IG6 2£473k67%
IG6 3£434k61%
IG7 4£391k55%
IG8 0£853k120%
IG8 7£560k79%
IG8 8£555k78%
IG8 9£607k85%
IG9 6£557k78%
KT1 1£630k89%
KT1 2£618k87%
KT1 3£657k92%
KT1 4£645k91%
KT2 5£839k118%
KT2 6£728k102%
KT2 7£1.3M189%
KT3 3£708k100%
KT3 4£849k119%
KT3 5£696k98%
KT3 6£700k98%
KT4 8£521k73%
KT5 8£601k85%
KT5 9£609k86%
KT6 4£570k80%
KT6 6£735k103%
KT6 7£562k79%
KT8 9£940k132%
KT9 1£458k64%
KT9 2£444k62%
N1 0£895k126%
N1 1£1.2M164%
N1 2£1.1M149%
N1 3£983k138%
N1 4£904k127%
N1 5£622k87%
N1 6£572k81%
N1 7£836k118%
N1 8£1.1M159%
N1 9£652k92%
N10 1£693k97%
N10 2£1.0M142%
N10 3£1.1M159%
N11 1£487k69%
N11 2£722k102%
N11 3£564k79%
N12 0£480k68%
N12 7£886k125%
N12 8£676k95%
N12 9£517k73%
N13 4£612k86%
N13 5£544k77%
N13 6£451k63%
N14 4£592k83%
N14 5£654k92%
N14 6£861k121%
N14 7£876k123%
N15 3£524k74%
N15 4£455k64%
N15 5£507k71%
N15 6£702k99%
N16 0£873k123%
N16 5£810k114%
N16 6£614k86%
N16 7£684k96%
N16 8£662k93%
N16 9£839k118%
N17 0£405k57%
N17 6£488k69%
N17 7£456k64%
N17 8£368k52%
N17 9£417k59%
N18 1£418k59%
N18 2£350k49%
N19 3£803k113%
N19 4£964k136%
N19 5£710k100%
N1C 4£1.3M180%
N2 0£2.1M302%
N2 8£513k72%
N2 9£1.1M155%
N20 0£556k78%
N20 8£1.1M161%
N20 9£844k119%
N21 1£719k101%
N21 2£733k103%
N21 3£783k110%
N22 5£444k62%
N22 6£681k96%
N22 7£752k106%
N22 8£486k68%
N3 1£671k94%
N3 2£737k104%
N3 3£906k127%
N4 1£640k90%
N4 2£654k92%
N4 3£637k90%
N4 4£712k100%
N5 1£1.1M149%
N5 2£1.1M153%
N6 4£1.8M248%
N6 5£852k120%
N6 6£2.3M317%
N7 0£730k103%
N7 6£636k89%
N7 7£500k70%
N7 8£724k102%
N7 9£578k81%
N8 0£655k92%
N8 7£657k92%
N8 8£916k129%
N8 9£787k111%
N9 0£326k46%
N9 7£370k52%
N9 8£351k49%
N9 9£360k51%
NW1 0£603k85%
NW1 1£603k85%
NW1 2£597k84%
NW1 3£555k78%
NW1 4£2.8M393%
NW1 5£1.7M238%
NW1 6£957k135%
NW1 7£1.5M212%
NW1 8£1.4M192%
NW1 9£860k121%
NW10 0£354k50%
NW10 1£759k107%
NW10 2£636k90%
NW10 3£1.2M173%
NW10 4£587k83%
NW10 5£833k117%
NW10 6£646k91%
NW10 7£448k63%
NW10 8£428k60%
NW10 9£423k59%
NW11 0£1.3M183%
NW11 6£2.0M283%
NW11 7£1.6M219%
NW11 8£1.1M156%
NW11 9£797k112%
NW2 1£567k80%
NW2 2£677k95%
NW2 3£649k91%
NW2 4£1.1M152%
NW2 5£647k91%
NW2 6£572k80%
NW2 7£510k72%
NW3 1£2.6M364%
NW3 2£1.1M161%
NW3 3£1.1M149%
NW3 4£1.3M178%
NW3 5£1.4M201%
NW3 6£1.6M219%
NW3 7£2.1M302%
NW4 1£772k109%
NW4 2£739k104%
NW4 3£738k104%
NW4 4£525k74%
NW5 1£1.3M180%
NW5 2£742k104%
NW5 3£840k118%
NW5 4£667k94%
NW6 1£990k139%
NW6 2£673k95%
NW6 3£896k126%
NW6 4£671k94%
NW6 5£806k113%
NW6 6£1.3M176%
NW6 7£811k114%
NW7 1£605k85%
NW7 2£789k111%
NW7 3£725k102%
NW7 4£1.2M175%
NW8 0£2.0M287%
NW8 6£5.2M733%
NW8 7£1.6M223%
NW8 8£798k112%
NW8 9£1.6M219%
NW9 0£498k70%
NW9 4£477k67%
NW9 5£413k58%
NW9 6£487k69%
NW9 7£409k57%
NW9 8£579k81%
NW9 9£572k80%
RM1 1£202k28%
RM1 2£321k45%
RM1 3£362k51%
RM1 4£482k68%
RM10 7£378k53%
RM10 8£374k53%
RM10 9£336k47%
RM11 1£467k66%
RM11 2£649k91%
RM11 3£639k90%
RM12 4£446k63%
RM12 5£462k65%
RM12 6£442k62%
RM13 7£377k53%
RM13 8£407k57%
RM13 9£388k55%
RM14 1£536k75%
RM14 2£558k78%
RM14 3£651k92%
RM2 5£576k81%
RM2 6£444k62%
RM3 0£408k57%
RM3 7£378k53%
RM3 8£333k47%
RM3 9£385k54%
RM5 2£404k57%
RM5 3£420k59%
RM6 4£375k53%
RM6 5£414k58%
RM6 6£412k58%
RM7 0£380k53%
RM7 7£407k57%
RM7 8£411k58%
RM7 9£373k52%
RM8 1£362k51%
RM8 2£368k52%
RM8 3£343k48%
RM9 4£357k50%
RM9 5£386k54%
RM9 6£356k50%
SE1 0£622k88%
SE1 1£773k109%
SE1 2£729k103%
SE1 3£603k85%
SE1 4£553k78%
SE1 5£460k65%
SE1 6£589k83%
SE1 7£870k122%
SE1 8£719k101%
SE1 9£1.1M151%
SE10 0£536k75%
SE10 8£781k110%
SE10 9£619k87%
SE11 4£664k93%
SE11 5£558k79%
SE11 6£628k88%
SE12 0£414k58%
SE12 8£685k96%
SE12 9£438k62%
SE13 5£574k81%
SE13 6£470k66%
SE13 7£574k81%
SE14 5£500k70%
SE14 6£437k61%
SE15 1£517k73%
SE15 2£539k76%
SE15 3£630k89%
SE15 4£836k118%
SE15 5£640k90%
SE15 6£409k57%
SE16 2£470k66%
SE16 3£446k63%
SE16 4£544k77%
SE16 5£531k75%
SE16 6£555k78%
SE16 7£515k73%
SE17 1£551k78%
SE17 2£441k62%
SE17 3£551k78%
SE18 1£370k52%
SE18 2£432k61%
SE18 3£466k65%
SE18 4£405k57%
SE18 5£321k45%
SE18 6£413k58%
SE18 7£368k52%
SE19 1£599k84%
SE19 2£480k68%
SE19 3£516k73%
SE2 0£419k59%
SE2 9£347k49%
SE20 7£444k62%
SE20 8£373k52%
SE21 7£2.1M291%
SE21 8£811k114%
SE22 0£767k108%
SE22 8£791k111%
SE22 9£786k111%
SE23 1£588k83%
SE23 2£536k75%
SE23 3£576k81%
SE24 0£915k129%
SE24 9£1.1M148%
SE25 4£417k59%
SE25 5£353k50%
SE25 6£369k52%
SE26 4£528k74%
SE26 5£506k71%
SE26 6£592k83%
SE27 0£589k83%
SE27 9£678k95%
SE28 0£333k47%
SE28 8£309k43%
SE3 0£1.0M145%
SE3 7£717k101%
SE3 8£534k75%
SE3 9£608k86%
SE4 1£657k92%
SE4 2£605k85%
SE5 0£463k65%
SE5 7£482k68%
SE5 8£714k100%
SE5 9£605k85%
SE6 1£457k64%
SE6 2£493k69%
SE6 3£377k53%
SE6 4£447k63%
SE7 7£496k70%
SE7 8£477k67%
SE8 3£460k65%
SE8 4£427k60%
SE8 5£431k61%
SE9 1£555k78%
SE9 2£464k65%
SE9 3£478k67%
SE9 4£399k56%
SE9 5£490k69%
SE9 6£470k66%
SM1 1£409k58%
SM1 2£470k66%
SM1 3£502k71%
SM1 4£359k51%
SM2 5£462k65%
SM2 6£425k60%
SM2 7£1.1M156%
SM3 8£571k80%
SM3 9£521k73%
SM4 4£553k78%
SM4 5£438k62%
SM4 6£427k60%
SM5 1£398k56%
SM5 2£411k58%
SM5 3£553k78%
SM5 4£713k100%
SM6 0£372k52%
SM6 7£399k56%
SM6 8£461k65%
SM6 9£528k74%
SW10 0£1.5M212%
SW10 9£2.0M275%
SW11 1£852k120%
SW11 2£648k91%
SW11 3£722k102%
SW11 4£1.3M180%
SW11 5£784k110%
SW11 6£1.4M199%
SW11 7£921k130%
SW11 8£931k131%
SW12 0£833k117%
SW12 8£1.1M150%
SW12 9£819k115%
SW13 0£1.2M165%
SW13 8£1.4M190%
SW13 9£2.1M290%
SW14 7£1.0M141%
SW14 8£1.2M168%
SW15 1£1.2M162%
SW15 2£912k128%
SW15 3£598k84%
SW15 4£389k55%
SW15 5£667k94%
SW15 6£849k119%
SW16 1£609k86%
SW16 2£513k72%
SW16 3£621k87%
SW16 4£482k68%
SW16 5£543k76%
SW16 6£580k82%
SW17 0£588k83%
SW17 6£466k66%
SW17 7£919k129%
SW17 8£753k106%
SW17 9£578k81%
SW18 1£769k108%
SW18 2£870k122%
SW18 3£974k137%
SW18 4£602k85%
SW18 5£901k127%
SW19 1£591k83%
SW19 2£505k71%
SW19 3£856k120%
SW19 4£1.5M211%
SW19 5£1.5M212%
SW19 6£563k79%
SW19 7£1.4M203%
SW19 8£853k120%
SW1A 1£3.9M554%
SW1A 2£7.9M1115%
SW1E 5£1.3M184%
SW1E 6£1.7M235%
SW1H 0£2.6M359%
SW1H 9£3.7M524%
SW1P 1£1.1M153%
SW1P 2£992k140%
SW1P 3£2.5M348%
SW1P 4£1.1M151%
SW1V 1£1.2M170%
SW1V 2£974k137%
SW1V 3£686k96%
SW1V 4£849k119%
SW1W 0£4.4M615%
SW1W 8£2.0M283%
SW1W 9£2.6M367%
SW1X 0£3.4M483%
SW1X 7£4.9M687%
SW1X 8£3.3M461%
SW1X 9£4.2M597%
SW1Y 5£1.2M164%
SW1Y 6£1.2M162%
SW2 1£595k84%
SW2 2£616k87%
SW2 3£570k80%
SW2 4£523k74%
SW2 5£627k88%
SW20 0£949k133%
SW20 8£716k101%
SW20 9£656k92%
SW3 1£1.7M236%
SW3 2£2.9M403%
SW3 3£1.4M195%
SW3 4£2.2M316%
SW3 5£2.2M312%
SW3 6£4.1M580%
SW4 0£1.0M142%
SW4 6£664k93%
SW4 7£642k90%
SW4 8£707k99%
SW4 9£1.2M163%
SW5 0£2.5M350%
SW5 9£887k125%
SW6 1£805k113%
SW6 2£922k130%
SW6 3£1.6M231%
SW6 4£1.4M199%
SW6 5£1.2M170%
SW6 6£1.2M162%
SW6 7£1.0M142%
SW7 1£3.2M448%
SW7 2£4.0M569%
SW7 3£2.0M288%
SW7 4£1.7M240%
SW7 5£1.6M221%
SW8 1£721k101%
SW8 2£635k89%
SW8 3£636k89%
SW8 4£573k81%
SW8 5£737k104%
SW9 0£605k85%
SW9 6£465k65%
SW9 7£475k67%
SW9 8£615k87%
SW9 9£670k94%
TN16 2£647k91%
TN16 3£509k72%
TW1 1£833k117%
TW1 2£1.1M148%
TW1 3£694k98%
TW1 4£774k109%
TW10 5£1.1M156%
TW10 6£1.5M206%
TW10 7£863k121%
TW11 0£770k108%
TW11 8£821k116%
TW11 9£1.1M148%
TW12 1£637k90%
TW12 2£749k105%
TW12 3£699k98%
TW13 4£375k53%
TW13 5£444k62%
TW13 6£379k53%
TW13 7£412k58%
TW14 0£414k58%
TW14 8£405k57%
TW14 9£424k60%
TW2 5£712k100%
TW2 6£650k91%
TW2 7£681k96%
TW3 1£362k51%
TW3 2£515k72%
TW3 3£383k54%
TW3 4£489k69%
TW4 5£430k61%
TW4 6£438k62%
TW4 7£473k67%
TW5 0£544k77%
TW5 9£519k73%
TW7 4£469k66%
TW7 5£558k79%
TW7 6£548k77%
TW7 7£546k77%
TW8 0£576k81%
TW8 8£517k73%
TW8 9£490k69%
TW9 1£874k123%
TW9 2£1.0M143%
TW9 3£1.4M198%
TW9 4£957k135%
UB1 1£564k79%
UB1 2£465k65%
UB1 3£379k53%
UB10 0£471k66%
UB10 8£666k94%
UB10 9£550k77%
UB2 4£435k61%
UB2 5£470k66%
UB3 1£460k65%
UB3 2£410k58%
UB3 3£478k67%
UB3 4£390k55%
UB3 5£318k45%
UB4 0£475k67%
UB4 8£441k62%
UB4 9£353k50%
UB5 4£444k62%
UB5 5£420k59%
UB5 6£358k50%
UB6 0£512k72%
UB6 7£493k69%
UB6 8£500k70%
UB6 9£431k61%
UB7 0£370k52%
UB7 7£425k60%
UB7 8£360k51%
UB7 9£380k53%
UB8 1£479k67%
UB8 2£385k54%
UB8 3£457k64%
UB9 6£469k66%
W10 4£675k95%
W10 5£945k133%
W10 6£1.1M155%
W11 1£959k135%
W11 2£2.7M374%
W11 3£4.0M562%
W11 4£2.4M336%
W12 0£661k93%
W12 7£807k113%
W12 8£636k89%
W12 9£920k129%
W13 0£664k93%
W13 8£1.1M152%
W13 9£816k115%
W14 0£863k121%
W14 8£2.1M299%
W14 9£696k98%
W1B 1£2.4M335%
W1D 3£742k104%
W1D 4£984k138%
W1D 5£610k86%
W1D 6£380k53%
W1D 7£875k123%
W1F 0£1.7M244%
W1F 7£850k120%
W1F 8£2.1M295%
W1F 9£598k84%
W1G 0£3.5M490%
W1G 6£2.7M382%
W1G 7£2.2M313%
W1G 8£2.2M304%
W1G 9£1.7M237%
W1H 1£1.9M272%
W1H 2£2.2M311%
W1H 4£795k112%
W1H 5£930k131%
W1H 6£1.2M174%
W1H 7£1.8M250%
W1J 5£3.3M467%
W1J 7£2.4M340%
W1J 8£15.6M2194%
W1K 2£3.3M464%
W1K 3£4.5M627%
W1K 4£5.6M781%
W1K 5£465k65%
W1K 6£3.1M436%
W1K 7£6.3M884%
W1S 1£4.8M680%
W1S 3£6.3M889%
W1S 4£7.8M1094%
W1T 1£2.5M356%
W1T 2£1.3M177%
W1T 3£1.6M221%
W1T 4£1.0M143%
W1T 6£1.1M159%
W1U 1£3.0M429%
W1U 2£630k89%
W1U 3£2.5M355%
W1U 4£4.3M601%
W1U 5£1.1M150%
W1U 6£1.7M237%
W1U 7£5.1M722%
W1U 8£2.1M289%
W1W 5£771k108%
W1W 6£816k115%
W1W 7£1.1M159%
W1Y 7£1.1M160%
W2 1£1.3M178%
W2 2£1.2M174%
W2 3£1.4M193%
W2 4£1.6M229%
W2 5£1.6M221%
W2 6£845k119%
W3 0£675k95%
W3 6£673k95%
W3 7£518k73%
W3 8£583k82%
W3 9£724k102%
W4 1£1.3M185%
W4 2£1.0M142%
W4 3£1.2M163%
W4 4£1.0M145%
W4 5£803k113%
W5 1£747k105%
W5 2£786k111%
W5 3£724k102%
W5 4£699k98%
W5 5£799k112%
W6 0£1.0M142%
W6 7£1.0M142%
W6 8£810k114%
W6 9£952k134%
W7 1£534k75%
W7 2£610k86%
W7 3£595k84%
W8 4£2.2M303%
W8 5£3.7M516%
W8 6£2.8M391%
W8 7£3.4M480%
W9 1£1.3M178%
W9 2£966k136%
W9 3£604k85%
WC1A 1£1.1M151%
WC1A 2£798k112%
WC1B 3£1.2M164%
WC1B 4£1.1M153%
WC1B 5£775k109%
WC1E 6£751k106%
WC1E 7£1.3M176%
WC1H 0£295k42%
WC1H 8£679k96%
WC1H 9£509k72%
WC1N 1£652k92%
WC1N 2£2.0M280%
WC1N 3£1.6M219%
WC1R 4£583k82%
WC1X 0£848k119%
WC1X 8£524k74%
WC1X 9£761k107%
WC2A 2£2.4M342%
WC2B 4£1.1M160%
WC2B 5£841k118%
WC2E 7£969k136%
WC2E 8£1.7M243%
WC2E 9£710k100%
WC2H 0£1.4M201%
WC2H 7£483k68%
WC2H 8£960k135%
WC2H 9£1.2M170%
WC2N 5£743k104%
WC2N 6£1.0M141%
WC2R 0£4.5M633%
WC2R 1£2.2M305%

London property sales share by price range

shows a number of properties sold in a given price range between April 2023 - March 2024.

London property sales share by price range
Property price rangeMarket shareSales volume
under £50k0.0%1
over £1M13.8%7.5k

London property prices

April 2023 - March 2024London regionEngland & Wales
Average price£711k£350k
Median price£515k£270k

London house prices compared to other regions

Comparison of the average property price and an average price percentage change by region. Price % change compares the average property price between April 2023 - March 2024 to the average price in the previous 12 months. The size of the circle shows the number of property transactions. The bigger the circle the higher the sales volumes in region.

London house prices compared to other regionsAverage price percentage change
Average property price

London house price rank

With the average price of £711k, London is the 1. most pricey region out of 10 England and Wales' regions.

London house price rank
Price ranking
RankregionAverage price
2.South East£452k
3.East of England£386k
4.South West£361k
5.West Midlands£268k
6.East Midlands£255k
7.North West£229k
10.North East£175k

Plumplot area insights - interactive charts and maps

Plumplot area insights - interactive maps and charts

London real house prices

Yearly average nominal house prices adjusted for inflation.

London real house prices

Real average price - nominal price adjusted for inflation
YearLondon regionEngland & Wales

London house prices

Yearly average nominal prices compared to England & Wales' house prices

London house prices

Nominal average price
YearLondon regionEngland & Wales

London house prices per square metre

Yearly average nominal price per square metre compared to England & Wales' house prices

London house prices per square metre

Nominal average price per m2
YearLondon regionEngland & Wales

London house prices and nearby regions

Yearly average nominal prices

London house prices and nearby regions

London house prices by property type

Yearly average nominal prices

London house prices by property type

Property typeCurrent average price

London house price to earnings ratio

The median property price to median earnings ratio in London is 13.3. Ie. London resident with middle-income needs 13.3 gross annual salaries to buy a medium-priced property. The England and Wales ratio was 8.16 in 2022.
London house price to earnings ratio history
RegionMedian house price to median salary ratio in 2022
England and Wales8.16
South West9.3
East of England9.6
South East10.4

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