Yorkshire crime stats

March 2024

Most crimes, 254k crimes were violent crimes which is 37.8% of all crimes committed in the area. Violent crime rate is at 138% of national crime rate. Shoplifting crime was the fastest growing crime and it increased by 24.7% over the last twelve months.Yorkshire crime statistics
Crime categoryShare of all crimesRanking (8 regions)% of national crime rateCrime volume% annual change
Violent crime →37.8%1. highest138%254k-4.6%
Antisocial behaviour crime →12.0%4. highest98%80.5k-4.7%
Public order crime →9.3%1. highest154%62.6k-19.1%
Criminal damage and arson crime →8.4%2. highest137%56.7k-11.8%
Shoplifting crime →7.4%2. highest133%49.7k24.7%
Other theft crime →6.4%2. highest104%43.0k-6.0%
Vehicle crime →5.3%3. highest109%35.3k-3.0%
Burglary crime →5.1%1. highest154%34.2k1.5%
Other crime →2.5%1. highest179%17.1k6.2%
Drugs crime →2.5%2. highest120%17.0k8.9%
Robbery crime →0.9%3. highest95%6.2k3.4%
Possession of weapons crime →0.9%3. highest120%5.8k2.0%
Bicycle theft crime →0.8%4. lowest93%5.4k-11.4%
Theft from the person crime →0.7%2. highest49%5.0k-6.6%
Crime categoryShare of all crimesCrime rate ranking% of national crime rateCrime volume% annual change
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The category of "other crime" is the highest ranking crime category when category crime rate is compared to the national average. "Other crime" rate is at 179% of national crime rate which puts Yorkshire on 1. position out of 8 England's and Wales' regions in this crime category. "Other crime" makes up 2.5% of all crimes committed in the area. The total number of "other crime" is 17.1k cases and has increased by 6.2% when compared year-over-year in the period of March 2023 - February 2024.

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