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Harlow crime stats

The overall crime rate in Harlow city is 140.4 crimes per 1,000. Most crimes, 4.1k crimes were violent crimes which is 35.9% of all crimes committed in the area. Violent crime rate is at 142% of national crime rate. Shoplifting crime was the fastest growing crime and it increased by 39.0% over the last twelve months.The category of "vehicle crime" is the highest ranking crime category when category crime rate is compared to the national average. "Vehicle crime" rate is at 218% of national crime rate which puts Harlow on 2. position out of 99 England's and Wales' cities in this crime category. "Vehicle crime" makes up 9.8% of all crimes committed in the area. The total number of "vehicle crime" is 1.1k cases and has increased by 22.2% when compared year-over-year in the period of May 2023 - April 2024.

Harlow crime statistics
Crime statisticShare of all crimesRanking (99 cities)% of national crime rateCrime volume% annual change
Violent crime35.9%35. highest142%4.1k-16.4%
Vehicle crime9.8%2. highest218%1.1k22.2%
Antisocial behaviour crime8.7%26. lowest76%982-19.2%
Shoplifting crime8.6%40. highest160%96939.0%
Criminal damage and arson crime8.0%31. highest145%9082.7%
Public order crime7.5%38. highest139%847-24.7%
Other theft crime7.2%18. highest125%8081.5%
Burglary crime4.0%28. highest131%457-4.2%
Drugs crime3.9%10. highest196%437-6.8%
Other crime1.7%42. highest126%189-20.3%
Bicycle theft crime1.4%23. highest180%16113.4%
Possession of weapons crime1.3%12. highest202%1509.5%
Robbery crime1.1%28. highest113%11916.7%
Theft from the person crime0.9%25. highest58%105-2.8%
Crime statisticShare of all crimesCrime rate ranking% of national crime rateCrime volume% annual change
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Harlow crime rate by crime statistic

This graph compares crime rate in Harlow city to the national crime rate for each crime statistic.

Harlow crime rate by crime statistic
Crime statisticHarlow city crime rateEngland and Wales - national crime rate
Anti-social behaviour12.216.1
Bicycle theft2.01.1
Criminal damage and arson11.37.8
Other crime2.41.9
Other theft10.08.0
Possession of weapons1.90.9
Public order10.57.6
Theft from the person1.32.2
Vehicle crime13.86.3
Violent crime50.435.4

Harlow crime rate comparison map

Harlow crime rate comparison map

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