Oxford average salary comparison

An average salary is ranging between 34.3k in West Oxfordshire and 43.0k in Vale of White Horse. UK average salary is 37.4k in 2019. Gross average salary is calculated for full-time employees. Employee has to be in the same job for over 12 months. The data collected is Tax Year Ending. The income includes incentive payments and are available for local government districts/counties.
Oxford average salary comparison
AreaAverage salary in 2019
West Oxfordshire£34.3k
South Oxfordshire£37.0k
United Kingdom£37.4k
Vale of White Horse£43.0k
Oxford average salary by year

Oxford average salary comparison by sex

Gross average income in 2019 for female and male.

Oxford average salary comparison by sex
AreaFemale average salaryMale average salary
West Oxfordshire£31.3kN/A
South Oxfordshire£31.7k£40.0k
United Kingdom£31.8k£41.2k
Vale of White Horse£35.5k£47.0k

Oxford median salary comparison

A median salary is ranging between 32.7k in West Oxfordshire and 35.5k in Vale of White Horse. UK median salary is 30.4k in 2019. Gross median salary in 2019 for full-time employees including incentive payments. Median income divides the income distribution into two equal groups, upper half having income above that amount, and lower half having income below that amount.
Oxford median salary comparison
AreaMedian salary in 2019
United Kingdom£30.4k
West Oxfordshire£32.7k
South Oxfordshire£33.4k
Vale of White Horse£35.5k
Oxford median salary by year

Oxford median salary comparison by sex

Gross median income in 2019 for female and male.

Oxford median salary comparison by sex
AreaFemale median salaryMale median salary
United Kingdom£26.8k£32.9k
West Oxfordshire£30.1k£34.2k
South Oxfordshire£30.1k£34.8k
Vale of White Horse£29.2k£38.6k

Oxford unemployment rate comparison

An unemployment rate is ranging between 2.1% in West Oxfordshire and 3.2% in Vale of White Horse. UK unemployment rate is 3.8% in 2019.
Oxford unemployment rate comparison
AreaUnemployment rate in 2019
West Oxfordshire2.1%
South Oxfordshire2.3%
Vale of White Horse3.2%
United Kingdom3.8%
Oxford unemployment rate by year

Oxford net household income map

Map shows the net average household income in 2016 by middle layer super output area (MSOA). The lowest average net household income was in Cherwell 003, with £32.0k. The area with the highest average net income was South Oxfordshire 009, with £50.5k. Median income was £40.5k - i.e. half of the areas had income equal or above £40.5k. Median income for England and Wales was 31.9k ( the lowest income was in Leeds 086, £16.8k, the highest in Tower Hamlets 033, £93.8k).

Oxford net household income map
NameNet income
lowest Cherwell 003 £32.0k
median £40.5k
highest South Oxfordshire 009 £50.5k

Oxford relative housing costs map

The map below shows housing costs share of net household income in 2016. The higher the share of income costs the darker the displayed color. An equivalisation scale and different models for income before housing costs and after housing costs may result in a few inconsitencies. Although there are some inconsistencies, it does not change significantly the overall picture of area comparison.

Oxford relative housing costs map

Oxford working age population share

2018 population estimates.


average age


England & Wales
average age
Oxford working age population share
age grouphead-count% share of population% for Eng & Wales

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